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Maintaining Stone Floors – The Most Common Mistakes

Stone floors are very popular now and have been for many years. The wide range of shades and colors, durability, practicality and relative ease of maintenance, in addition to their abundance in nature has prepared them a permanent choice of stone flooring materials over the centuries. However, they are not indestructible, they are very easy to care for and maintain, but there are a few difficulties to avoid. Below are the most common mistakes that people make when taking care of their floors.

1. The Lack of Dust Mats

The enemy number one of all the floors, not only of stone, is sandy. All stone flooring materials will wear out, it’s just a matter of time. If I had to take two diamonds and rub them against each other, guess what, both will get. The sand of every day, worn in shoes can contain all kinds of minerals like quartz. Walking on your floor will rapidly dim and scratch its surface. The answer is to remove the sand, in any way you can and one of the best ways is to place a dust collection mat outside the door. If you add another one inside, you are giving your floor many more possibilities to avoid harmful sand.

2. Walking on Your Stone Floor with the Outside Shoes

This is just related to the first point of the course. If you have a luxury polished hardwood floor or a luxurious carpet, I bet you take off your shoes, right? We all tend to impulsively know how to be careful with other floor materials and treat them with the respect they deserve. The stone is not different; it also needs love and respect. As a result, take off your shoes and put on your shoes, that way you will not be able to take harmful sand to the floor.

3. Over-Mopping

Some people seem to want to wash their floor to death. The more you clean with strong detergents and do not rinse successfully, the greater the chances of leaving residues that prepare the floor look dull and lifeless. Very often, all that is required is a dry cleaning or regular sweep, with a soft brush or a microfiber floor duster or vacuum. This will help keep the sand off the floor as well. Learn more.

4. Not Attending to Spills and Accidents Right Away

Somehow, we tend to treat hard stone floors in a different way to say wood or carpet. For example, if we have a very exclusive carpet and we spill something on it, such as a glass of wine, would we sit and watch it become a stain? I do not think so. Even if that carpet has some kind of protection against stains, we know that it will only give us time to react, so we rush to the kitchen in search of the towels.

5. Wrong Option of Cleaner for Routine Cleaning

It is very easy to buy a floor cleaner from supermarkets. But most of these are strong degreasers, high pH cleaners intended for deep cleaning of really dirty floors. In addition, there is a natural human tendency to ignore the instructions and make it stronger, if you say add a plug per cube, how many of us have added the other just by luck? There are several reasons for these instructions and dilution rates but, more significantly, there is extremely no require using such chemicals for daily or weekly cleaning.

The mistakes mentioned here are very easy to avoid. With a little care and attention, maintaining a stone floor should be quite easy indeed. Learn more details at:

Which Is The Best Floor Tile For Your Bathroom?

Choosing your flooring can be very important for any bathroom today. The right flooring can make all the difference and certainly it can be something which you find very useful indeed. Unfortunately a lot of bathrooms don’t have the right type of tiles and end up looking very disheveled indeed. Tiles are highly popular and you can get the best tiles for your bathroom floor if you think about a few things first. Read on to find out how you can choose the best tiles for your bathroom today.

Understand Your Budget

Choosing new tiles for the bathroom can present a problem or two especially when you aren’t sure which way to turn however, it might be a lot easier if you thought about the overall picture. For instance, choosing new tiles will be far easier when you get to know what type of budget you are working with. Now, it’s crazy to say you want cork tiling when you don’t know how much you have available to spend. When you know your budget then you will be able to find the best floor tiles for your bathroom. Tile flooring looks nice but having said that, you need a specific tile that matches your means, i.e. your budget.

Why Not Try Linoleum?

People instantly dismiss linoleum for one reason or another but that’s not always the best idea! Remember, linoleum is durable and can last a lifetime! It’s made from wood flour as well as linseed oil and cork powder and ground limestone so it’s strong and going to last a long time. What is more, you can that while it’s more a retro period material, it’s actually one of the simplest materials to work with and it’s super easy to install as well! Linoleum is truly one of the very best options to consider today and it’s really versatile too. When it comes to choosing your flooring, you have to consider linoleum. It’s a great option.

Faux Stone

This not only looks great but is actually very much affordable and easy to work with. A lot of people seem to think faux stone doesn’t offer a natural shine or look to it but it can actually be a great material to look towards. What is more, this can be very versatile and it’s a nice addition to any bathroom. Faux stone tile flooring can look just amazing and it really can add something a little more to your bathroom too. There has never been a better time to look into faux stone tiles.

Choose New Tiles for Your Bathroom Wisely

Do you know which tiles you are going with? To be honest, it’s hard to be sure which tiles are best and which are going to miss the mark so you have to think about the bigger picture. It isn’t just about getting something which looks good but something which really enhances the home and is good for your purse strings too. There are lots of options to consider so you have to think very carefully about what you like, dislike and what you feel works best for the bathroom. Choosing your flooring can be far easier than you think.

Your Floor: How to Shop for Tile

When you are choosing your flooring, and you are, considering tiles, then you need to ensure that you know how to shop for your tiles. This is because there are many different tiles on the market, and you can’t afford to make any mistakes. There are a couple of things that you need to know and consider when you are shopping for your tiles. These are some of these tips that you should remember.

The style tile flooring that you want

The first thing that you need to consider when you are shopping for tile flooring is the type of flooring that you want. There are different style tiles on the market, and you need to consider each and everyone to ensure that you are choosing the right style for your home and your personal preferences.

The moment that you have installed the tiles, you can’t change it, because you will lose a lot of money. So, making sure that you choose the right style right from the start is essential.

 The quality and the price of the tiles

The quality and the price of the tiles should be in line. It means that if you are purchasing high quality tiles, that you are going to pay more for them as for the lower quality tiles.

When you are purchasing cheap tiles that are on special, you might be regretting choosing your flooring to be tiles. This is because you might have purchased cheap tiles that you have mistaken for high quality tiles at a bargain price. You are getting what you have paid for. Remember that.

If the tiles are slip resistance or not

There is some tile flooring that are slippery when wet, and then there is some tile that is slip resistant. If you have small children or elderly person living in your home, then you should be really careful about what tile to purchase. The last thing that you want is to choose tile flooring that will be a danger to the people you love. They can really slip and hurt themselves.

By doing research and reading reviews, you will know if a specific tile is slip resistant or not.

The maintenance needs of the tiles

Some type of tiles needs more frequent maintenance than other tiles. This is why when you are choosing your flooring, that you’re making sure that you are purchasing the tiles that don’t require frequent maintenance. This is going to become expensive to do all the maintenance. There is some tile flooring that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, at all.

With these information on how to purchase the best tiles for your home, you will be sure that you are going to get value for money, and the look that you always wanted. It isn’t recommended that you are just purchasing the best and first tile flooring that you can find. Take your time and make sure that you are choosing your flooring correctly so that you can get quality flooring. Visit this site for more information :

Why You Should Opt for Hardwood Flooring Over Carpet


When it comes to timeless, nothing says classic like hardwood flooring. Should you go with the classic hardwood flooring or should you choose the more traditional carpet for your flooring? Which one should you choose for your home? Is one better than the other? When considering both carpet and hardwood flooring, why you should opt for hardwood flooring for your home. According to an article, whether you go with carpet or hardwood flooring you will find that each one has its own qualities and characteristics. But before you make a decision you should probably educated yourself on any pros and cons of each one. When it comes to hardwood flooring you will certainly be getting a classic that has been around for centuries and will last for decades. Carpets have only been around for decades and have to be replaced regularly.

Hardwood floors are easier to clean and keep clean than carpets which hold more fibers and dust. When it comes to changing the look of your room, it is much easier to achieve with hardwood flooring than with carpets. Finally, when it comes to environmental friendly, hardwood flooring beats out carpet every time because hardwood flooring is natural and carpet is made from petroleum. While carpet is softer on your bare feet and is less quiet when you are walking on it, nothing beat the classic look and value of a true hardwood floor.

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Why You Should Opt For Decorative Concrete As Your Indoor Flooring Material

Tile Floors

When embarking on a home construction or renovation project CHOOSING YOUR FLOORING, you need to pay careful attention to each and every area of the property so that you will get the overall look you are aiming for. This means that you need to make sure every detail that will be constructed or installed in your home is to your liking or at the very least, meets your expectations.

The floor is one of the features inside your home that if you pay attention to and choose the right flooring material during construction or renovation, can have a positive effect on the total look and appeal of your home. There are various indoor flooring material you can choose from. One of the options you should consider is decorative concrete.

If you’re wondering why  you be CHOOSING YOUR FLOORING material, below are the benefits they offer:

It Is An Affordable Option.

Concrete is one of the most affordable building materials around. Adding decorations to a concrete floor via stamping or polishing isn’t expensive as well. Staining Concrete Flooring is also good option to consider because the outcome is determined by the homeowner’s imagination. Various colours and application techniques can be combined to create a finish that’s unique to your home.

It Is Sustainable.

If you are renovating your floor, decorative concrete is a really sustainable option since you are simply enhancing your floor and you won’t have to use a lot of new or a lot of additional building materials. The concrete can simply be sanded down and polished or sealed and it will look more refined and appealing in any room of your home.

It Is Highly Durable And Long-Lasting.

Concrete Flooring that has been polished and maintained can last a hundred years or more. As long as no catastrophe such as a huge earthquake or fire hits your home, your concrete floor will give you years and years of functionality. Click here

Low Maintenance Requirements.

Lastly, whether you have plain or decorative concrete in your home, your floor will be easy to clean. In general, the only maintenance and cleaning method required for concrete floors is weekly mopping with soapy water. Home improvement experts recommend installing a baseboard along with the Concrete Flooring as well so that no unwanted dirt will be left behind in the crevice where the floor meets the wall, which is the usual case if there is no baseboard. The baseboard will also add to the great finish of your floor.

The techniques, machinery and products used in Tile Flooring are steeped in history. However, they have come on leaps and bounds in recent times to produce a service that is much sought after. Any individual looking to take on stone polishing will need an in-depth appreciation of the intricacies that can be faced.

  • A vast skill set is required to complete the task.
  • This is combined with the requirement of professional machinery that will ensure a high standard finish.
  • Stone polishing is not a job that individuals take on without expert knowledge

The process of polishing tiles really is fascinating and when completed by time-served professionals can yield the most spectacular results. The above guide has been put together in order to offer an insight into the provision of stone restoration for Stone Flooring. This insight surely pays testament to the trained professionals who work to produce some of the most spectacularly restored floors.

See more this site:


Choosing your flooring 101

 Who builds a house from scratch, daily lives the challenge of choosing every detail of the house: the colors of the walls, furniture and appliances? The floor, for example, is for many a question mark and a true challenge, especially because of styles and price ranges. How to choose the ideal floor for each environment? Concrete Flooring for style and practicality. What to take into account when choosing a coating? Should you choose Faux Stone Flooring, Tile Flooring or even special Laminate Flooring? Every option should be taken into account, also taking into consideration your life style, your family needs and your budget.

The 101 on choosing the right flooring for your house

When choosing the floor, the first thing to be evaluated is the use and characteristics of the environment where it will be installed, plus who will be around the area. Will you use it for home purposes only? Do you have pets and small children? Will it be used for parking spots? Is it near an open area? There are many details to be taken into consideration, and that is why many people make mistakes when picking up the right flooring for their house. Is it a more intimate, cozy space? Will you have contact with too much or too little traffic? Will it be in direct contact with moisture? All the answers to these questions will lead you to a safer choice.Tile Flooring is not always the right answer for you.

Every single aspect of your daily life should be taken into consideration

Even the climate of the region must be taken into account when choosing the floor. In warmer regions, for example, cold floors such as porcelain, marble and granite are more pleasant day to day. In the cooler regions, wood and Tile Flooring are better suited to temperatures, providing greater comfort and coziness. In the room, the most chosen floor is the Tile Flooring. It is easy to install and has an absorption degree close to zero, for example harder to spot than marble, which is porous. In addition, it is sturdy and super cute, available in different sizes and types. To make it  cozier, simply invest in rugs and Laminate Flooring. Click here !

The best options for a cozy room

Laminate Flooringand vinyl floors are great for the rooms, as they provide tremendous thermal comfort, as well as being durable but difficult to scratch, more than welcome option for a home with children and animals such as dogs and cats.

In the bathroom and kitchen, use ceramic tile or porcelain tile, as Tile Flooring is easier to clean and make places beautiful and cool. In the bathroom, especially in the shower area, it is important to opt for a natural, non-slip porcelain tile in order to avoid accidents.

What about the living room and the kitchen?

Cement and Concrete Flooring are also interesting to coat the living room and kitchen. Modern and uncluttered, they are incredible when it comes to bringing personality to environments. Technology, for example, leaves the floor seamless, beautiful and homogeneous. In its frosted version, does not require the replacement of the protective film, needing only good professionals to do its installation of the Concrete Flooring.

Each type of floor also has its maintenance, though. So make sure you keep that in mind and find the best options for your house. Visit this site :

The Durable Beauty of Wood Laminate Flooring

Wood Laminate Flooring

Made to last, wood laminate flooring presents all of the beauty of true hardwood floors while offering a more forgiving nature for your active lifestyle.checkout latest information at

Laminate flooring gets its strength from its manufacturing process. Made from high density fiberboard, the pieces are bonded using high heat and pressure, making them extraordinarily strong and versatile. After bonding, a high resolution image depicting the natural striations, color variations and grain of true hard wood flooring is applied and then sealed under a cellulose-based resin. Because of this process, laminate wood flooring can sometimes exceed natural wood options in both durability and versatility.

While true hardwood and laminate flooring both offer their own advantages for use in your home, laminate can be an attractive feature for homes with high activity from children, pets or consistent foot traffic. With its hard coated seal, wood laminate flooring offers nearly effortless cleanup of spills and easy repair of scratches and dings for everyday wear and tear. Where true hardwoods may require sanding or re-sealing of damaged areas, laminate flooring repair may only consist of removing and replacing the individual pieces making its use nearly trouble free.

Beyond its user-friendly durability, other advantages to wood laminate flooring include its installation. Although laminate planks should be acclimated to the surrounding climate in your home just as hardwoods would be, their installation can sometimes be simpler.

Offered in click-to-fit systems, many laminate flooring installations can be done in a weekend or less depending upon your room size and shape. Since they are made of durable high density fibers mixed with bonding resins – as opposed to solid wood material – cutting proves to cause few issues and can be done with typical power tools found in most homes.Visit the original source for more details.

Because of its hard-wearing character, flooring is also a cost-effective choice when considering bulk or whole house applications. Providing all of the beauty with the added assurance of damage resistance, laminate floors can often be purchased and maintained at a fraction of the cost of many other flooring choices.

This flooring is perfect for use in bedrooms, halls, kitchens and main living areas where damages to floors and consistent replacement costs can be an issue. Although easily applied by a professional, these floors are also an excellent choice if you plan to install your laminate yourself. These systems often come with easy to follow directions and options for pattern layouts which might cost more if done by a professional.

Their durability can withstand cutting and shaping to fit any area of your home with little to no cracking or splitting of fibers which can cut down on unforeseeable damages creating very little installation waste.

Wood Laminate Flooring

Although made with durability in mind, your wood flooring must be cleaned regularly to maintain its hard coated surface for years to come. Sweep or vacuum your flooring daily. If possible, use a fabric floor duster or vacuum with a soft flooring attachment as opposed to a broom as they provide a more efficient overall cleaning method.

Afterwards, use only a slightly damp, soft fabric or cotton string mop to clean your floors. Never soak or wet your wood laminate floors during cleaning.

While your laminate floors are durable, it is not recommended to use heavy detergents or scouring agents for cleaning. You may want to consider using cleaning tools and kits specially made for wood laminate flooring. These cleaning kits consist of a dense fiber mop and mild cleaning agents specially designed for use on flooring. Using these materials on your floor will ensure it retains its durable nature and long-lasting beauty throughout its life.

How to Install Tile Floors That Will Really Last

Tile Floors

Tired of the flooring that is in one of the rooms of your home? Not sure what type of tile would be best in that area? When considering the installation of a new tile floor, it is an investment in your home and how it is installed is very important.

There are several kinds of tile flooring available on the market today. Rubber, ceramic, porcelain, and vinyl tiles are the most commonly used ones.

Rubber tiles are very durable and made from recycled rubber. They are available in many colors, and are typically used in basements and garages. Designs in the flooring can be made with different colors while having a long life expectancy. It is safe for exercise and work out rooms, and easy to keep clean.

Ceramic tiles can be made to look like marble or granite. The ceramic tile comes in a variety colors, styles and sizes. It is durable, but can break easily.
Porcelain tiles are manmade and so dense that they do not absorb water. Porcelain is an expensive type of flooring. While installation of ceramic tiles can be complicated, it is very durable. Porcelain tiles come in many colors, styles, shapes and sizes. Porcelain tiles are used mainly on kitchen floors.

Vinyl tiles come in many colors, designs, thicknesses and sizes. It is inexpensive and has about a 10-year life expectancy. Vinyl tiles can be a thin tile that has a self stick backing on it. Thicker vinyl siding must be installed with an adhesive paste.

Check out the different types of tile flooring at your local hardware or flooring store. Look at the different colors, designs, and displays that are located throughout the store. Visit with the sales people, and get suggestions or ideas that might be best for your home.

While you are there find out what supplies are needed for the installation of the tile floor you have chosen. Get a list of the supplies, tiles needed for the job, and tools you will need along with the prices of each.When you need more details, go to

Ask the sales person if there is a certified installer in the area. If there is, get a list of the certified tile installers and see if they have names of home owners that have used any of the companies on the list.

Tile FloorsVisit with the homeowners that used the certified tile companies. Ask the residents a few questions like: Are they are happy with the job that was done? Was the job completed on time? Did the homeowner order the tile from the company that installed the flooring? Did they receive any discount when they got the tiles from the installer?
Frequently, the company will give you a discount on the tiles and supplies for the floor installation, especially if they are installing the flooring. The discount can be considerable.

Consider the following points when you are considering self installation or having a certified tile installer do it. The money you would have spent on supplies, tools, and electrical equipment; is money saved if you have a contractor do it. The mess and clean up that goes with the removal of the old floor and installation of the new flooring is completed by the contractor. Your friends and family are more important than the money saved while they help you install the tile floor. The time you can spend with the family and friends is priceless when having fun and doing something interesting.

Hardwood Flooring Advantages

Hardwood Flooring

The floor is one of the most important parts of a house. The type of floor you have may not only determine the aesthetic appeal of the home in general, but also how comfortable it looks and feels. Hardwood floors are some of the most popular today, maybe because they offer both benefits.

Some of the options you have with this flooring are walnut, maple, oak, beech and Brazilian cherry. Engineered hardwood flooring options are also available.

Apart from choosing the best hardwood for your floor, you can also choose the finish that you feel is most suited for your home including wire brushed, smooth and hand scraped. But what really makes hardwood flooring a good choice?

The floors are easy to install – This is probably because the quality floors are milled specifically to ensure that they remain uniform and stable in fit. You can choose between unfinished and finished hardwood depending on what you find most convenient, but the installation process isn’t as tedious as with other types of flooring like concrete.

They offer a high quality look – Hardwood floors have this elegant high-end aesthetic look to them. They offer beauty, value and warmth that only wood can offer and they never go out of style. The floors also have the tendency of making a room look spacious when installed.

The floors are durable and strong – This is especially the case with hardwood floors that have been kiln dried and manufactured, installed and also finished to given standards. They can last for generations and withstand heavy foot traffic areas such as active workspaces because they are tough, hard to wear and generally offer long-term durability. You will rarely need to do repairs and replacement when you have a hardwood floor.Get latest news and updates at

They are easy to clean – The wood does not accumulate lots of debris, dust or dirt. Weekly cleaning might be all you need which can include mopping and vacuuming and may be drying and you are ready for another week.

Hardwood flooring offers better acoustics – When you have your hardwood floor installed properly, then you will have less to think about the hollow sounds and vibrations most wooden floors give. You will have a less noisy home, even when you have children playing around.

Hardwood Flooring

They improve air quality indoors – The floors make healthier choices for the interior environments because they have no grout lines, fibers and embossing that could end up trapping particles, allergens, animal dander, pollen and dust.

These floors come in a wide variety – There are so many wood species, stains, styles, colors and finishes for you to choose from. You can even go for engineered hardwood flooring that is just as appealing and functional. The floors will definitely meet your needs, no matter how unique and diverse they may be.

They are a good long-term investment – This is because the floors tend to increase property value compared to some other floors. You can use the floor as a strong resale argument, so you can sell the property faster and at higher prices.

Facts About Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood Floor Installation

As one of the most convenient types of floor coverings, wooden flooring installation doesn’t require the usage of tools, such as mortar, stretching tools, or floor size styles. You may do the installation with the instruments familiar to you, like drills, saws, and hammers. For floors with a better finish, consider using the services of experienced installers of hardwood floor.

Hardwood floors Installation

Putting in hardwood flooring is an art form. It takes enough knowledge and artistic abilities. Though you can easily install it yourself with the help of some manuals and instruments, using the services of seasoned hardwood floor contractors could be a better option. Choose professionals who can provide a beautiful, efficient, and correct installation. Coordinating with them can help you obtain the results you need. Here are some ways to install wood flooring:

Nail Down Method

Contractors typically install and fix solid wood strips to the subflooring with the use of hammer and securing cleats. These vary based on the strips’ size and thickness. Adapters are also available for thinner wood. Solid wood strips and planks are best to install in solid wood subfloors.

Staple Down Method

This method necessitates the use of 1- to 2-inch staples to install the wooden flooring to the subfloor. An air-filled gun pushes the staples into the hard wood and subflooring. You can use various kinds of staple guns during the installation. Experienced contractors will help you figure out what type you should utilize for your specific installation.

Glue Down Method

In this technique, contractors use adhesives to connect your hard wood to the subflooring. There are different adhesives available in the market. The hired installer use the one recommended specifically for your flooring. Failure to use the right adhesive can compromise the quality of the floor’s finish.Learn more information about flooring at


This method is quite different. Fitters usually do not mechanically fasten the hardwood flooring to the area of the subfloor. They place a thin pad between the hard wood and the subflooring, then apply recommended wooden glue in the tongue and groove of each and every strip to keep the pieces together.

Floating floors provide a fast and easy installation. They’re moisture resistant, and they reduce sound transmission. They’re softer underfoot, and they also provide additional aesthetic value to your project.

Preparing for the Installation

Before the installation begins, it is important to relocate all of the furniture as well as other objects in the area where the contractors will work. By doing this, you could make sure nothing gets broken during the process. Installers can do it for you with additional costs. Doing the work you can save your money.

Hardwood Floor Installation

Existing subfloors likewise need preparation before they can support the hardwood. Sometimes, flooring experts might need to replace your subflooring. Make sure you discuss your situation with your installer. Subfloors must be as clean and level as possible. Walking through the area with your contractor will give you the opportunity to discuss issues concerning the process and ask important concerns.

Hardwood floors could be a good choice for your flooring requirements. Before you decide to start the installation, you have to consider talking to hardwood floor contractors and perform necessary preparations. Being well prepared will help you and your installers of hardwood floor avoid unnecessary stress and complications.